Monday, December 17, 2012

Party @ Dublin: Do's & Don'ts.

Exactly one year ago I came home from my Erasmus experience at Dublin, to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my friends and family. Now, 366 days later, I still dream about the parties in the Irish capital city… That’s why in this post I will share the do’s and don’ts for partying in Dublin!
©        Get the ‘International Life Dublin’ card: you will get all kinds of deductions and advantages with it.
©        Many places have a pub on the ground floor and an underground nightclub. Short on cash? Go get a drink in the pub before 10 p.m. and your entry to the club will be free.
©        Thirsty? Want to drink something non-alcoholic? The bartenders of the nightclubs are more than happy to serve you a big glass of water for free.
©        On Monday, go to Mezz (in the Temple Bar area, in Eustace street). Above the ground it’s a pub where great, live music is played. On Monday night, the club in the basement provides you of great sounds and tequila shots for € 1.
©        On Tuesday, go to D2: a nightclub on Harcourt Street. With your ILD card, the entry is € 5, without it you pay € 8. But, as I already mentioned: if you go in before 10 p.m., the entrance is free.
©        The Palace Nightclub, located on Camden Street, has a stylish interior and it’s a great place to spot the Typical Dublin Partygirl (high heels, bare legs even in winter, a dress that’s way too short and tons of make-up) in her natural habitat.
©        Have your ID card with you at all times! The security men of clubs are very strict and they will ask you for it. (The official age to go in is 21, but I was 20 at the time and my age was never a problem.)
§  You are planning a city trip to Dublin? Don’t book a hotel on Harcourt Street. Many places don’t only combine a club in the basement and a pub on the ground floor, but also have a hotel on top. As you can imagine, it’s impossible to fall asleep when you are staying there.
§  Are you at a place where they only serve Mojito and no other cocktails? Don’t order it! It probably means they have it on draft an you will end up paying € 5 for something that tastes like lemonade.
§  Always order the big version of a drink J. Most of the time, the smaller one costs only € 0.50 less and you won’t get value for your money.
§  Don’t leave the club before you gave something to the woman at the toilet. She doesn’t ask for money each time you visit but you are expected to give her something when you go home. Plus she provides you of free perfume/deodorant/toothpaste/… and without the contribution of the clients, she’s working all night without getting paid.
§  Don’t expect that you will be able to buy alcoholic drinks after 10 p.m.: the shops aren’t allowed to sell them at night.
§  When you arrive in Dublin, pay a visit to Temple Bar (the actual bar) once, but I advise you to not go back afterwards. At the evenings it’s too crowded, you will be waiting for ages for your drink and the security men aren't friendly.
And, just one more thing… Book a trip to Dublin! It’s great over there!

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