Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mexican food at Antwerp: Caramba!

Since my boyfriend and I at some delicious fajita's in Amsterdam, we decided to explore some Antwerp restaurants serving Mexican food. First stop was Restaurant Caramba. Arriving there, I realized I had walked past this place so many times before, but it never caught my eye. Not very noticeable from the outside. Inside however it was very cosy, kind of classically decorated. And the food was YUM-MY! 
When trying to pick an appetizer, there was nothing that really appealed to me. I decided to go with the taquitos just to chose something. They very pleasantly suprised me! The taquitos were fried corn tortilla's (one filled with chicken, one with another kind of meat) served with quacamole and sour cream. The perfect opening of our dinner! As a main dish, I had chicken in lemon and fresh coriander sauce, with brown rice. My boyfriend received a plate to make his own enchilada wraps (meat, tortilla's, vegetables and all kind of toppings). 
The first Mexican restaurant we tried in Antwerp is definitely one I would recommend if you want to eat yummy, fresh food at a reasonable price. The friendly staff as a big bonus!

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